Powering the Energy Transition to Net Zero: Innovations & New Solutions that will help bridge the gap between policy, regulation, investment & delivery.

The Smart Grid Ireland conference is primarily designed to bring together industry leaders and technical expertise to participate in thought leadership sharing while openly discussing the challenges and opportunities towards delivering an efficient Smart connected power grid on the island of Ireland.

During this unique Conference, you will hear from industry experts from home and abroad, addressing critical components in the evolution of the electricity grid and how a successful grid development programme in Ireland will be transformative in creating new jobs, skills and investment. Smart Grid Ireland 2024 will enable attendees to participate in the development of a virtual roadmap towards the future grid characterised by greater decentralisation, decarbonized and democratization of energy use and production, waste reduction and efficiency gains.

One thing we can be sure of: more and more things will be powered by electricity. We are already living in an electrified age, and electricity use will only increase through revolutionizing transport, Artificial Intelligence, the cloud, smarter collaborations and the smart home. Smart Grid Ireland 2024 Innovation Conference will respond to the challenges associated with decarbonizing a complex and incredibly important electricity grid system.