AEE Ireland

AEE Ireland is the accredited Irish Chapter of The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

The AEE is a nonprofit professional society of 17,000 members and 25,000 certified individuals in over 100 countries. The mission of AEE is “to shape the future of the energy industry through networking, energy awareness, education, training, professional certification, recognition and to foster action for sustainable development."

Centre for Competitiveness

We are a not for profit, self-financing membership organisation operating across the island of Ireland. We support our members to build their Competitive Advantage through our global networks and local partners and the design and delivery of business consultancy services, projects and programmes. The Centre's exceptional reputation stems from over 20 years experience in Innovation, Productivity and Quality, combined with an ability to integrate people and processes productively.

The focus on results-based solutions brings about increased competitiveness, process and practice improvements, as well as substantial savings for our clients.

The Centre maintains strong links with research bodies, top business and management schools – such as the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC), Smart Grid Ireland (SGI) and the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI).

Environment & Energy Management

Environment & Energy Management is Ireland’s leading publication dedicated to every aspect of environmental management and energy efficiency at industrial, commercial and municipal levels.

For over 17 years Environment & Energy Management has provided it's growing readership (now 8,000) with analysis and insight into the latest technologies and services available within Ireland, while our editorial team focus heavily on investment, business profiles and the future of the energy sector in this country.

As a publication written by acknowledged experts in their fields, Environment & Energy Management is disseminated to a controlled and targeted readership of over 12,000 key decision makers in Central & Local Government, the Professional/Services Sector (including Environmental Consultants, Engineers, Laboratories, all Third Level and other training/research Organisations, the Legal Profession and Agencies specialising in environmental protection and energy efficiency) – and, with particular attention to Small & Medium Enterprises, all sectors of Irish industry as follows: Food & Beverage; Pharmaceutical; Chemical; Medical; Electronics; Plastics; Packaging; Motor & Transport; Finance & Insurance; Textiles; Agriculture and Tourism.


Founded in 1972, EPRI is the world’s preeminent independent, non-profit energy research and development organization, with offices around the world. EPRI’s trusted experts collaborate with more than 450 companies in  45 countries, driving innovation to ensure the public has clean, safe, reliable, affordable, and equitable access to electricity across the globe. Together, we are shaping the future of energy.


ESB Networks

ESB Networks is the electricity Distribution System Operator (DSO), Distribution Asset Owner (DAO) and onshore Transmission Asset Owner (TAO), and we work to meet the needs of all Irish electricity customers, providing universal affordable access to the electricity system. ESB Networks supports the electricity retail market through the ring-fenced Meter Registration System Operator (MRSO) and Retail Market Design Service (RMDS) and supports the wholesale Single Electricity Market through the provision of aggregated electricity meter data.

We invest approximately €800m per annum, which is due to grow over the years ahead. We have 3,500 employees working in all parts of the country delivering a safe and resilient network. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at ESB Networks. We provide services to every electricity customer irrespective of their electricity supplier. We are committed to facilitating the move towards low carbon technologies, supporting all customers to enable them to participate in the energy market. Our operating environment is changing rapidly driven by new policy and regulation measures, by the advancement of technology and by the changing needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders. This means the role of electricity is changing, bringing an opportunity to decarbonise society and enable all customers to take control of their energy consumption, participate in the energy markets and adopt innovative energy products and services.

At ESB Networks, we’re delivering an electricity network to empower our 2.4 million customers every day with choice and flexibility around how they consume, generate, trade and store electricity. By investing in our technical capability and collaborating with our partners, we’re developing a smart and resilient electricity network of the future. Together, we’re paving the way for Ireland’s clean electric future through the electrification of heat and transport, as well as connecting renewables at scale to the electricity network. We’re delivering the electricity network for the future, designed to empower all electricity customers and make Ireland’s net zero goal a reality.

ESB Networks, delivering the electricity network for Ireland’s clean, electric future.


ESTA Manufacturing and Sales

ESTAPQS offers Grid & Industry PQ solutions:
Elspec power quality analysers and multi-functional recorders takes power quality monitoring to a whole new level. Our meters provide the ability to record the waveform at sampling rate of 1,024 sample/cycle on-board for 1+ years in a continuous way. All our metering and recording solutions are supported by our multi-vendor power management software PQSCADA Sapphire. This combination provides the calculation of more than 5,000 power parameters from the recorded waveform for display and reporting purposes. Guarantee the availability of data for any event at any time.
PQSCADA Sapphire, offers a single and unified experience across all data sources and with all power quality devices, providing a full functionality and a faster performance for data exploration, analysis and visualization.
Elspec power quality solutions are real-time reactive power compensation systems, compensating the reactive power within ¼ waveform cycle. This is one of the world’s fastest Power Factor Correction Systems.
Our LV and MV solutions are designed and manufactured to compensate reactive power, eliminate voltage drops, reduce voltage flicker & fluctuation.

Schnieder Electric

At Schneider Electric, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future by empowering everyone to use energy and resources responsibly. We call this Life Is On. As the digital partner for Sustainability and Efficiency, we drive digital transformation by integrating cutting edge technologies to connect everything from homes to industries and optimise energy use throughout the entire value chain.

Operating from a number of sites across the UK, we can offer you the products and solutions that you need to make the most of your energy:
- Automation and control
- Electrical distribution
- Building management
- Critical Power and Cooling Solutions
- Electrical Distribution
- Installation Systems and Control
- Medium Voltage Distribution and Energy Automation
- Solar

Schneider Electric is committed to promoting a respect for the natural environment. One of our main objectives as a company is to provide systems and products to help people use electricity safely, efficiently and in ways that conserve energy and other natural resources.

VT Electron

VT Electron’s advanced grid intelligence hardware and software solutions empower grid operators to deliver a modern, digital and robust electrical grid, capable of supporting a Net Zero World.